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Tag gegen Laerm - International Noise Awareness Day
International Noise Awareness Day
April 30th, 2014
Observe one Minute of no Noise from 2:15 to 2:16 P.M.
(regardless of location)
The impact of noise on hearing, health and the quality of life can be no longer be disputed. Volumes of literature exist to show the hazards to hearing from repeated exposure to noise. Numerous studies can be found to document that noise, like other stressors, is related to negative physical and psychological changes in humans. Individuals and communities no longer accept that noise is a natural by-product of an industrial society.
Grassroots activist groups are being organized at an ever-increasing rate to address the issue of noise in their own communities. In fact, noise was the leading complaint among New Yorkers in the recently established quality of life hot-line. Additionally, noise is not just a concern for adults. For our children who are exposed to an onslaught of noise at home, in recreational activities and in the community, the risk can be widespread.
To address the widespread, insidious impact of noise on hearing, health and the quality of life, the League for the Hard of Hearing sponsors International Noise Awareness Day every April, in conjunction with professional organizations, community activists and individuals around the world. Each year, professional organizations and community groups from around the country play an important role in this campaign by providing free hearing screenings, disseminating information and hearing protection, and helping to promote the importance of reducing noise in our lives. The response has been overwhelming from participants and the media. The message is clear - Stop That Noise!
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