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update from April 13th, 2001
Neurophone with Headband and Electrodes
Neurophone by Patrick Flanagan
Hearing with the Skin instead of Hearing with the Ears
Hearing is possible not only with the ears - there is a device by which one can hear directly with the skin instead of hearing with the ears. The Neurophone, which transmits sound information by contact with the skin, has been invented already in the year of 1958 by the American Patrick Flanagan. The sensation of hearing with the skin is different from the normal hearing: The sounds come up in the center of the listener's brain and are perceived in a spatial order. It is even possible to generate visual effects in the brain by this way. During using the Neurophones one wears a headband instead of earphones. Under the headband two electrodes are fixed directly to the head. The piezo ceramic electrodes transmit the signals via the skin into the brain.
The Neurophone makes it possible for totally deaf people to hear if their deafness is caused by a damage of their nerves. Sometimes the first sensation of hearing is delayed because the brain first has to learn understanding signals in this way.
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