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update from February 14th, 2004
Marek Choloniewski
GlobalMix has been started in November 1998 as a collaborative internet composition. Everybody is invited to take part in the project by sending in his audio and video compositions.
All materials sent will be made available on the GlobalMix webpage to all internet users. They can make their own mixes from the material. According to the basic idea of the GlobalMix all copyright belongs to the authors and users. Access to the GlobalMix material is unlimited.
Until now two public concerts have been performed using the compositions of GlobalMix: 1998 and 1999 during the Audio Art Festivals in Cracow, Poland.
SOUNDBAG is an internet project by Rolf Langebartels. A collection of items relating to Sound Art and Audio Art. Contributions are welcome. Please send them to the email address below.
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