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update from March 14th, 2004
Uli Wahl, Himmelsharfe - horizontal wind harp
Uli Wahl
Himmelsharfe - horizontal wind harp
Schweigt der Menschen laute Lust,
Rauscht die Erde wie in Träumen
Wunderbar mit allen Bäumen.
Was dem Herzen kaum bewusst:
Alte Zeiten, linde Trauer.
Und es schweifen leise Schauer,
Wetterleuchtend durch die Brust.
(Joseph von Eichendorff, “Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts”)
The construction of my hanging wind harp, which I call heavens harp, has a number of advantages:
  • The absent wind gradient. Near to the ground the velocity of the wind decreases rapidly because of the ground friction. Therefore, the higher so much the better.
  • Constant power of the wind along the total length of the string because of the principally absent wind gradient. The result is an optimized agitation of the string.
  • When the strings are in a horizontal position, the size of the “window of the wind”, i. e. the sum of all of the utilizable wind directions with an unchanged position of the harp, amounts to over 90°.
  • Depending on the suspension the harp can orient itself in to the wind; therefore all wind directions can be used in a optimal way.
  • Visitors on the windward side of the harp cause a slipstream or at least vortices. Because of this the wind harp often stops to play just in that moment when a visitor approaches... Because of this it makes sense to suspend the wind harp a little bit above the heads of the listeners. This way of suspension provides an unspoilt delight of the sound work and throws a nice shadow too - or could be a shelter against rain - when that would be necessary...
Additional information about aeolian harps (wind harps) .

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