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Ulrich Eller, Percussion of two spaces
Ulrich Eller
Percussion of two spaces, a materials music (section)
For his exhibition 'Percussion of two spaces, a materials music' from 6.8. to 3.9.1983 Ulrich Eller examined the two spaces of the gallery Giannozzo in their quality as sound material and as bodies of sound. The spaces were hit, their walls and the floor: spots for sounds of different pitch and timbre were discovered. At these places sheets of drawing paper were attached: fields for lines of different strength and length.
With a drawing pencil of black fat chalk Ulrich Eller worked now on these papers on the walls and the floor and produced thereby both drawings and sound sequences. The rhythms resulted from an emphaty into the found sounds; the gestures of the drawings correspond to them. The drawings remain in the places of their emergence. There also the sound sequences remain. They were recorded on tape and played afterwards simultaneously over tape recorders, which were fastened to the appropriate places.
'The sounds of the space - in the space, a self sounding space. By the percussion the space opens up for its perception. Its musical quality becomes visible by the drawings and it becomes audible by the sound recordings.' (Rolf Langebartels)
published by Edition Giannozzo Volume 27, Berlin 1983

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