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update from January 20th, 2002
Sound balancing (Klang auswägen)

A steel tube is fitted in point bearings between the two walls of a space (2/65/4900 mm). Ulrich Eller scans the sounds of the tube by means of mallets.

Two angle irons lie like a isosceles cross on each other on the floor (5/50/2500 mm). Josef Erben and Wolfram Erben hit the ends of the irons with small hammers and try to keep the angle iron on top in horizontal balance.

These two sculptures were set up in the studio of Josef Erben and were played simultaneously.

Josef Erben
Sound Balancing (Klang auswägen), section
The sound recording was published 1985 by Edition Giannozzo Berlin (copyright),
recorded by Thieß Dettmer.

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