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Le Pétomane, cover of the book by Jean Nohain and F. Caradec
Joseph Pujol
Le Pétomane
Joseph Pujol had the power of breathing in air by his anus, just as normal people breathe in by the mouth. Then by means of this body of air contained in his intestines, he could at will reproduce all sorts of sound. Additionally he was able to imitate the sounds of animals even the sound of birds.
From 1892 until 1894 he performed in the Moulin Rouge, the famous Vaudeville Theatre in Paris, France, and there he had huge success. After that period he founded his own travelling theatre called Theatre Pompadour.
Otmar Wassermann gave me the hint on the booklet by Jean Nohain and F. Caradec, Le Petomane, Sphere Books Ltd., London 1971, which describes the story of Joseph Pujol's life.
Further information about Joseph Pujol, Le Pétomane and Flatulist
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