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update from July 21st, 2001
Photo: copyright by J.S. Dunning
Idi and Jan Henderikse
Idi Henderikse has sent to me a beautiful postcard about the birds from Curaçao. At first glance the banaquit was my favourite. Now Jan Henderikse has written the following text about the bananaquit:
"Here is first the Latin name "Coereba flaveola", in Dutch "Suikerdiefje" (Sugarthief), in Papiamento, the language from Curaçao, "Barika Hel" (Yellow Belly).
This is probably the most popular bird on the islands (Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba). It got its Dutch name because it has adjusted so remarkably to the human environment that is has become a well-known raider of sugar pots on coffeetables. In a more natural environment it collects nectar from flowers, and snapping up insects as well. They breed the whole year around, building one nest after another (Dr. Bart A. de Boer, Our birds, Curaçao 1993).
When we lived on the island there was always a nest in the chandelier in the main living room. In the early morning when the windows and doors are opened the birds started to work on the nest. They build many nests. Mostly they stay empty but when there are eggs the birds stay inside for the night. There was always something open they could get out but they prefered to sit on the nest.
Friends of us put little jars of sugar in the tree and tens of the Barika Hel came to visit and have a feast. A lot of fun to see them." Jan Henderikse, New York, June 2001
Further information about the Bananaquit .
Please visit too the Homepage of Jan Henderikse .

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