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update from October 29th, 2000
It is intrinsic to music in which little happens that the perception of the listener is focussed on perception itself. This is its theme, and thus it transcends itself following the romantic tradition. In a similar sense, in his composition "ABC" for piano, bariton saxophon, and percussion, composer XYZ has taken more sound out of the world than he has put into it.
What matters here is the difference between sounds which arises when you scratch on a large metal sheet with the top of a soap box versus with a metal bolt. For XYZ the point is the variation of parameters, which at first listening seem incongruent, the gradual elongation of time units by auditivly assembled beat measures, the dissolution of the ensemble-time.
Music Review
of a concert at the Musiktage Donaueschingen 2000,
from a German feuilleton
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