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Robert Schalinski, Recording Sibirische Zelle
copyright Image and Sound: Robert Schalinski

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Robert Schalinski
Siberian Cell
Robert Schalinski writes: "we had for two years a location, an event space: the Siberian Cell in Naugarder Str. 14, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. There we have organized exhibitions, concerts, etc. The poster in the shopwindow with the modified quote of Tatlin's "Die Kunst ist tot..." belonged to the setup of Siberian Cell.

During waiting for the first guests or for the artists I have made this recording, recorded on the street in front of the Siberian Cell, in the year of 2005. From a window, somewhere above, came these singing & it was particularly amusing, because during the same time Frieder Butzmann played inside the cell."

"The Sibirische Zelle (Siberian Cell) was a secret lodge, a place, a club housed in a remote corner of northeast Berlin from January 2004 until the end of 2005. Camouflaged from the outside as perfectly as anything in Prohibition times one passed through an empty store and a sliding door into a backroom in which screenings, readings, exhibitions, concerts, performances and actions took place regularly. Participating artists included Z'ev, Asmus Tietchens, Peter Wawerzinek, authors published by the Verbrecher Verlag, Tochnit Aleph, members of the Schimpfluch Gruppe, Frieder Butzmann, Wolfgang Müller, Thomas Kapielski and others. It was the temporary epicenter of a network instigated by the Berlin performance-collective Column One that showed its latest works there each week. While connected to many likeminded individuals globally, Column One and the Sibirische Zelle was, dedicated first and foremost to a profoundly local experience that puts social issues, personal commitment, and questions of identity before chichi-nomadic aspirations, and the artistic experience before publicity and success. Column One and the Sibirische Zelle answered the impositions of a liquefying neo-liberal order, that knows no outside, with a Dadaistic interior smokescreen. Under the protection of provoked and provocative ambiguity they work on the existential desire to be that precedes any and all desire to have."

Text by CTM = Club Transmediale (They had organized at that time an evening event and written the above text for that occasion.

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