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update from June 4th, 2004
Sound Transducer made by Invisible Stereo Corporation
Sound Transducer, Audio Transducer
By a sound transducer or audio transducer sounds from an amplifier could be vibrated into an object.
The sound transducer is a permanent magnet with a voice coil. It functions like a loudspeaker, of which the membrane is replaced by an object. Thus you get an object loudspeaker. As a result the sound is coloured by the properties of the material of the object.
Quite a number of sound artists have made use of these sound transducers, particularly David Tudor in his work Rainforest IV or too John Driscoll. A detailed description could be found in the text "Sculptural Works with Sound" by Rolf Langebartels
You can order sound transducers with Invisible Stereo Corporation in the USA. On that website you will find also hints to function and installation.
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