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update from June 20th, 2000
John Driscoll at Giannozzo, Berlin, 1985
Photo: copyright by Rolf Langebartels
John Driscoll
Wafer Flats, 1985
This sound installation was created for the Giannozzo space in Berlin. It used a number of sculptural loudspeakers, which directly vibrate sound into objects, so called sound transducers. Further were used acoustic lenses, a rotating loudspeaker, and a convential loudspeaker located in the basement of the space.
The vibrating speakers included two fishing poles, 6 meters and 7 meters long, the front window of the gallery, and a plastic jug. The robotic rotating loudspeaker was designed by John Driscoll and Peter Labiak. The sound material was created both electronically and acoustically, using unique ultrasonic and electronic instruments by John Driscoll.
The music was published in 1986 (copyright) as an audio cassette in Edition Giannozzo Berlin.

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