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update from February 6th, 2001
Nam June Paik in a traditional Korean dress
Nam June Paik
from an interview in Berliner Zeitung , Friday, January 26th, 2001
Do you have plans to create art for the internet yourself?
No, now I am to old. It is not nesserary for me to do everything in the world, and perhaps it is finally not any good. If you are too perfect, the good Lord will become angry. I have to be modest. But for young people the internet is very good.
I have heard now you are working with laser ...
Yes, I want to build a laser cathedral for John Cage in the New York district Queens. There we have the possibility to perform his music and broadcast it to the whole world by satellite.
2012 would have been the 100th anniversary of Cage, and I would like to rent the Carnegie Hall and organize a big festival for him. I have the plan that one group plays in Cologne, and I participate in New York. And posssibly there will be other performers too in Berlin or in Seoul or in Moskow.
Whath is your interest in laser?
Laser has a sort of new mystique, it has a very special psychogical effect on the observer. Since I had the stroke I feel that one part of me seems to be already in another world. Laser has a relation to a spiritual sphere. It is a sort of continuation of video art. And the best is that you are not able to show laser in the TV.
Tilman Baumgärtel talked with Nam June Paik.
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