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Akio Suzuki, Otodate, 1996
Akio Suzuki
Otodate, 1996
Otodate (oto = sound, date/tate = places)
By this sign Akio Suzuki marked certain places on the Museum Island in Berlin, Mitte, Germany.
"Nodate (No = Field, date/tate = preparing tea, places) is the term for a special way of the tea ceremony, which is hold outdoors.
Since the sixties I have made a series of experiments, in which I visited different topographies to examine there points of echo. This time I plan to concentrate on the island in the center of Berlin, whose atmosphere in the year of 1996 is filled with the sounds of construction works. I shall go there and mark listening points.
To listen in a certain direction is an unusual and refreshing action. A proposal to stop at the marked places and to open once senses." (Akio Suzuki)
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