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update from January 23rd, 2000
The New York Times newspaper article mentioned below shows a photo that documents an absurd scene. About fifteen people dressed in black sit on chairs in three rows. They carry 10-liter plastic buckets on their heads top site down, which they hold with one hand and keep in balance. There are scores on her knees, which they hold with the other hand.
Next to the group to the right of those seated is a male with a waistcoat and tie, who is also holding a score. The buckets completely cover the faces and their ears too.
It is impossible to tell whether people are speaking or singing. Not even what aural effect their articulation causes inside the bucket. Possibly, it would sound like a grotto.
Surround Sound
In Korea, singing is important enough that some people take voice clinics like this one with Lee Buyng-won in Seoul; they try to stay on key while singing with buckets on their heads or while upside down.
Matthew Anderson from Santa Fe, USA has sent this photograph. Printed in the New York Times on Sunday, January 17, 1999, copyright Reuters.
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