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update from July 10th, 1999
Radio hat by American Merri-Lei Corporation of Brooklyn, NY, 1949
Radio hat from the year 1949
"A radio in the form of a hat. The American Merri-Lei Corporation of Brooklyn NY has just brought out a radio receiver in the form of a hat. It is a 2-tube single-loop battery device with a 1S5 tube and a 3V4 tube connected as an "Ultraaudion". The frame aerial can be rotated and there is a knob mounted between the two tubes for tuning. The circuit can is housed in the crown of the hat.
There is a built-in earphone for listening. The 1.5 and 22.5 volt batteries can be are carried in the coat pocket and connected with the "Radio-Hat" by a short lead. ... Extensive tests carried out in New York show that the sensitivity of this type of device is sufficient for the reception of local stations."
(Funkschau, Year 21, No. 7, July 1949)
Thanks to Joachim Herfert, Berlin for the hint at this nice hat and the article in the German journal Funkschau. Thanks to Martin Riches for the translation of the article into English.
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