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copyright: Michael Bock 2017
Mexican Knife-Sharpener
recorded by Michael Bock
This video of a Mexican knife-sharpener was shot in the city of Colima, the capital of Colima State, in North Western Mexico.
The sharpening mechanism being attached to his bicyle is the simplest of its kind, its rough grindstone being spun with one hand while the other hand moves the blade along its edge.
The grindstone is too rough to be used for finer cutlery like table knives or scissors. In the video he sharpens a simple, worn-out machete, the typical Mexican all-round tool for cutting everything from grass to tree branches.
The knife-sharpener who only works in the street usually announces his presence by blowing a few sounds on a simple plastic flute.
On Wikipedia you can find some grindstone machines of various type.
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