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Harald Kubiczak, Singing in the Sun
copyright Image and Sound: Harald Kubiczak

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Harald Kubiczak
Singing in the Sun
On the main branches of a tree are attached 45 small solar panels. These panels are connected to 30 piezoelectric audible signal devices in about 20 independent circuits. The signal devices produce high tones from 1900 to 4500 Hz when electricity is applied. Some produce continuous tones, others produce intermittent tones with different patterns and pulse speeds. The loudness of the signal devices, their sound patterns and pulse speed are depending on the voltage produced by the solar panels.
The installation starts to sound in the morning with the first daylight. Composition, loudness and intensity of the sound structure changes in the course of the day, depending primarily on the position of the sun, but also on the intensity of sunlight and possible movement of clouds. The resulting sounds range from melodic to alarm-like rhythmic sequences. Changes occur as sudden breaks or slow shifts. In the evening the sound becomes softer and after sundown it eventually stops.
First presentation of the sound installation in the festival Klanken aan de dijk, Kunststichting Neerijnen, Netherland in the year 1991
Further information about the work of Harald Kubiczak .
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