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update from April 30th, 2016
Gelbe Musik Berlin
Photo: copyright by Rolf Langebartels
Ursula Block, Gelbe Musik Berlin
Shop, Gallery, Archive
Since 1981 Ursula Block offered in the spaces of Gelbe Musik not only records, CDs and audio cassettes but presented in many exhibitions too scores, art objects and editions. In addition to this there were sound installations and also concerts. Together with her assistent, composer and musician Werner Durand, she mamanaged with competence, knowhow and devotion an also internationally well known and renowned center in the Berlin music and art scene.
The name "Gelbe Musik" relates to the synesthesia of sounds and colors, id est the hearing of colors and the seeing of sounds, the term originates from Wassily Kandinsky.
Since 2014 the shop is closed and now hosts the "Archive Broken Music" of Ursula Block.
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