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Akio Suzuki, Zeitstudie, Analapos
Copyright Akio Suzuki, 1984
Akio Suzuki
Zeitstudie, Analapos
Four compositions for Analapos and glas harmonica were played by Akio Suzuki and published as audio cassette in Edition Giannozzo Berlin, 1984 (copyright). Recording by Thieß Dettmer.
Analapos and glas harmonica are musical instruments invented and constructed by Akio Suzuki. His Analapos is made of two tin cylinders that are connected by a long flexible coil spring. His glas harmonica consists of glas tubes of different diameters that are mounted by threads on two racks.
You hear a section of the performance Analapos Standtype from side A of the audio cassette.

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