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Ugly Stick
In Newfoundland, Canada, the Ugly Stick is a traditional musical instrument, that is built by the inhabitants in the rural areas and on the many islands mostly by themselves and is played during their kitchen parties. But local bands too use it as percussive instrument in their concerts.
The Ugly Stick is usually a stick of about 2 or 3 centimeters diameter and about 1,50 meters length. You thread drilled through bottle caps or washers on some nails, which you drive into the stick. At the bottom you attach an old rubber boot with a nail. Sometimes at the top in addition a tin can.
The Ugly Stick is played by stamping it rhythmically on the ground and by hitting the side of the stick at the same time with a drumstick. Often fiddel and accordion go together with the percussion.
Further information about the Ugly Stick.
You will find the original video on Youtube.
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