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update from November 12th, 2012
Original hospital x-rays of my head and jaw
Photo: copyright by Daniel Löwenbrück
Daniel Löwenbrück
Fall: 3024243539
A Record Object Exorcism
In March 2007 i had a bike accident where i broke my jaw three times and lost the upper front row of my teeth. It was the first ever (heavy) accident in my life and quite a traumatic experience. I was sewn shut with metal-wires for 4 weeks. In the coming months i suffered depression and death-panic attacks. Right after the accident in shock i collected my teeth and parts of my jaw from the street and kept those with me until 2011, when i finally decided to get this accident out of my system. With my friend and artist Mario de Vega we took the original hospital x-rays of my head and jaw and used his record-cutting machine to cut the sound of me brushing my (new) teeth directly onto the x-rays. Those record-objects were put into a box together with the original teeth and dentures
Further information about this work by Daniel Löwenbrück.

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