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update from July 24th, 2011
Cover of the audiocassette
John Driscoll
A gift für den Geist
above the cover of the audiocassette, copyright for image and sound by John Driscoll
A gift für den Geist (1986) was made while in Berlin on a DAAD fellowship. The work started with a simple blue plastic box with a hinged lid that contained an ultrasonic feedback system inside. The box was played in two ways - moving the lid, and by applying pressure on the box and deforming the walls of the box, both producing trombone-like tones. A recording with this box was made as a present to Rolf Langebartels (a sound artist and presenter who ran Galerie Giannozzo in Berlin).
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download of the sound file (926 Kbyte)
You do need a player that is capable of playing the sound sequence.
Further information about the work of John Driscoll
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