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update from April 17th, 2010
Paragraphs 7 to 9 of the Acoustic Manifesto
7. - The hyenas of acoustic space, commerce and services, blast our bodies with tapestries of sound to cover up the humming of the air conditions, servers, ventilation, elevators and escalators of their poorly planned shopping centers cheaply cobbled together and to make us dumb and addicted to consume. No more!
8. - Plugs are pushed deep into ear canals. In public buses, trams, trains, subways, parks and from the pitiful loudspeakers of mobile telephones, pitiful, compressed and maximized plastic music blares. We do not want our children to become vibrated, hyperactive little monsters!
9. - The madhouse of acoustics is populated by parasites: on hold, jingles, audio logos, sound icons, warning and signal tones, corporate sounds, commissioned company songs, ring tones bore their way into ear canals. Get rid of them! We are human beings, not target groups.
The Acoustic Manifesto
The Austrian musician and composer Peter Androsch from Linz published the manifesto on February 20th, 2009. In the preamble of the manifesto with the title "In Praise of the Aural" it says:
Without hearing, we are nothing. What we are, we are through the ear: persons. As the Latin word says: sounding-through. Our existence is sound and our actions generate sound, not light. Suspended in the eternal vibrations of space, the pulsation of our own life flooding through us, embedded in the continuum of time. From the fiftieth day after conception to our last breath of life, we hear. From the fiftieth day after conception to our last breath of life, we sound. Twenty-four hours a day.
Hearing warns us of dangers. Up to today, the fast data conduit in the oldest part of our brain is working to drive us to flight or fight. For this reason, we do not know that we are hearing. We hear. Nor do we know what we hear. We hear to survive. Without interruption.
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