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update from February 18th, 2009
Tone Check of a Bell in Grassmayr Bell Foundry
Grassmayr Bell Foundry in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
Tone Check of a Bell
Bells are actually musical instruments, whose complex structure produces several different musical notes (in large bells, as many as 50 different notes). The tonal structure of a Grassmayr octave bell, for example, distinguishes itself through its acoustically audible striking note, the prime, the upper octave, the fifth, the third and the lower octave.
"The challenge lies in bringing these different notes into sonorous harmony with both the other pitches in the same bell as well as with the range of notes contained in the other bells of the set. ", is the program of this bell foundry.
Peter Grassmayr writes: "Bells are absolutely sound art. In a good bronze bell a whole waterfall of tones exist. In relation to the particular individual temper of us humans we filter out diverse frequencies on a higher or lower rate."
The sound sequence was recorded from bell number 4 of the towers of the Innsbruck Dome, pitch e/1, weight 1.221 kg.

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Further information about the work of Grassmayr Bell Foundry .

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