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update from June 10th, 2008
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Udo Noll
radio aporee ::: maps
radio aporee ::: maps is an open project about the creation and exploration of public sonic layers. It collects and organizes sound recordings from daily surroundings and living spaces. The audible material is organized within a mashup system of mapping software, databases, telephone networks and the Internet. Sites and sounds can also be explored and accessed in situ by recent GPS-enabled mobile devices.
The project reflects on actual changes and developments in mobile computing and so called locative media, which we assume to be crucial to the way we experience our near future daily life, where media and markets will emerge at the precise position of our body. Whether and how we can create and keep unoccupied spaces aside from predetermined functions and fictions, is an important question to the project.
Further information about the work of radio aporee ::: maps .
SOUNDBAG is an internet project by Rolf Langebartels. A collection of items relating to Sound Art and Audio Art. Contributions are welcome. Please send them to the email address below.
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