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update from August 26th, 2007
Blackbird-Project Pictogram
William Engelen
Project "Oh Freunde, nicht diese Töne"
It is reported blackbirds (Turdus merula) would imitate sounds from their environment and even adopt whole sound sequences into their songs. Especially in springtime the male blackbirds learn from competing blackbird neighbors and from humans.
In his project William Engelen created electronically a ring tone for cell phones. This tone is offered for download in the internet. The digital blackbird sings the melody: "Ode an die Freude", from the final chorus of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. William Engelen hopes that as many as possible owners of cell phones take over the ring tone and the male blackbirds with a bit of luck indeed sing that tone.
Further information about the Work of William Engelen .
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