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update from July 12th, 2007
Oswald Wiener, Animal Music, Supposé Verlag, section from the CD cover
Animal Music
Team of Jeremy Roht, West Dawson, Yukon-Territory
recorded by Oswald Wiener and Helmut Schoener
Oswald Wiener's recordings of the nightly songs of Canadian sledge dogs were published as an audio-cd (50 minutes, 35 tracks) by supposé, Cologne, Germany. Here you hear track 13.
Oswald Wiener writes in the booklet of the cd: "The peculiar enjoyability of this music, which - in contrast to much contemporary human music - stands the test of repeated listening, forces one to the conclusion that, at least to the dogs, an abstract esthetic experience constitutes the 'figure' of their play. The 'ground', however, looms a perpetual mournfulness that cannot be accounted for in aesthetic terms. The wail is not about circumstance, chain, or hunger - conspicuously Creation itself stands indicted ..."
Further information about the work of Oswald Wiener .

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