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update from March 21st, 2007
One day in late 2004 I was working at the computer on a new composition for performance in December of that year. I was working a piece of music software called Finale, and the computer had been a hasty replacement after my previous one died.
As I was working away and listening back to snippets, at one point just after I stopped playing something back, the computer started to emit a whole sequence of sounds, one after the other. But the software wasn't playing anything back. And even more puzzling, the computer didnt seem to have crashed, in fact with the exception of this bizarre song it seemed to be singing, it was working fine. It continued for about a minute, then stopped. About 3 or 4 minutes later it started again.
This time I managed to open up another audio program and record it. It seemed to use my midi sounds but in a way that I'd never heard midi sounds used before. The strange thing was how incredibly musical it seemed. Just over a minute later, it stopped. It never happened again.
Colin Broom
Song by a Confused Computer
Here is the file as it happened. I haven't altered or edited this in any way.

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copyright Colin Broom
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