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update from November 1st, 2006
White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)
Photo: copyright by H. W. Grömping
Animal Sound Archive, Berlin
The Animal Sound Archive of the Humboldt-University is one of the oldest and largest collections of animal sounds. Presently, the collection consists of about 110,000 bioacoustical recordings comprising almost all groups of animals.
Here a recording of the clattering of a pair of White Storks (Ciconia ciconia) by G. Tembrock, recording date is 11.06.1987, locality of the recording Salem. Günter Tembrock founded in 1951 the Animal Sound Archive.
Besides the scientific research on the acoustic communication of animals the Animal Sound Archive is used too for popular scientific purposes. That includes sound installations in museums or zoological gardens and acoustic insertions to books, children's books and the Brockhaus-Encyclopaedia.
Further information about the Animal Sound Archive .

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