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update from May 14th, 2006
Klumpenfest von Otzenrath-Spenrath
Cap Grundheber
Thinking about Energy
Put a picture and a tone together and you will get a virtual reality with you as a space-giver. There are aluminum-pennants. Rustling, whistling in the wind or as you like to name this short, high, fine sound. Metallic flicker? In the background you hear the brass band. Time is playing "last clog dance in Otzenrath-Spenrath", which was happening in 2003. The places were located beneath the old Karl King Road. Now they are ending in the hole of Garzweiler II, an opencast coalmining in NRW/Germany.
When I was recording sounds in this area ideas came up in my mind. What happens with all these things. Everything has its time, but what if braked out.
Further information about Garzweiler II and about another project of Cap Grundheber .

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