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update from May 8th, 2005
Bridgecock of Slubfurt
Bridgecock of Slubfurt
In February 2005 the first animal voice casting of Slubfurt took place. The best cockcrow of Slubfurt was searched for. 63 people of Slubfurt joined the competition. A jury formed of farmers from Upper Austria have choosen the best bridgecock.
The Slubfurt bridgecock can now be heard from 7 a.m. til 7 p.m. every hour until the end of May or possibly longer on the bridge between Frankfurt an der Oder and Slubice on the German Polish border line. An artistic work by Hans Kropshofer during the project "Slubfurt City".
Further information at Slubfurter Informationszentrum

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