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update from August 5th, 2004
Thomas Sander, CD-Player, Sound Oject 2002
Photo: copyright by Thomas Sander
Thomas Sander
CD-Player, Sound Oject 2002
CD blanks are re-designed to gear wheels, as parts of a transmission, driven by a motor. The hand of a shop window doll picks a guitar string. Another string is touched softly (apparently) by an iron chain. From loudspeakers comes a rhythm of sounds, which resembles that of a machine. If one goes away from the object, it becomes silent after a short time.
The title of this sound object is laconic. CD Player questions our handling digital media. The CD can be used nevertheless only by an intermediary like a CD player or computer. Without it it is only a round piece of plastics, which could be scratched, burned or broken.

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