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Song of Seikilos, inscription with characters of the Greek music notation
Song of Seikilos
Eitaphe of Seikilos
The song of Seikilos is one of the few preserved compositions of ancient Greek music. It is engraved in to the grave pillar of Seikilos that was found 1883 in Aydin in Turkey and is dated between 200 BC and 100 AD. The song is noted in Phrygian mode with Greek text. English translation:
Be, as long as you live, a sunshine,
do not be sad.
Cause life is surely short,
and time demands its toll.
This section of music comes from the CD Ancient Greek Music, recorded by Ensemble Atrium Musicae Madrid in the year 1979 directed by Gregorio Paniagua, published by Harmonia Mundi S.A. under no. HMA 195 1015.
Further informationen about the song of Seikilos on the pages TU-Berlin and Rudolf Frisius, Texte.

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Sound: copyright by Harmonia Mundi S.A. under HMA 195 1015
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