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update from April 13th, 2003
Richard Lerman, Travelon Gamelon, Berlin 1988
Photo: copyright by Elke Nord
Richard Lerman
Travelon Gamelon, the Promenade version
The photographs shows the wiring of the bicycles for their ride trough the streets of Berlin in the year 1988.
This piece was first performed in 1978 at Univiversity of Massachusetts, Boston. Up to 25 bicyces with riders are gathered and each bicycle is wired up with a self-built pickup device attached to the front wheel, a self-built battery powered amplifier, a horn-type loudspeaker and a card or nylon wire tie to pluck the spokes. As the bicycles ride through the streets, the pitch of the spokes can be heard approaching the listener.

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Video: copyright by Richard Lerman
Further information about the work of Richard Lerman .
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