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update from June 30th, 2002
Franz Robert Czieslik, Dialogue
Photo: copyright by Marco Trommler
The piece was composed and recorded in October and November 2001. It is based on a wooden sculpture by Franz Robert Czieslik with the same title. The concept of the composition is influenced on the one hand by the interpretation of that sculpture on the other hand also by the particular working method of Czieslik.
Therefore this piece should musically point out as many peculiarities of the sculpture:
- Herkunft aus einem Stück —> mittlere Mikrofonspur
- gewonnener Eindruck —> kanalübergreifender Halleffekt
- Entwicklung des Dialoges —> Zunahme der Tonintensität
- grundlegende Dialogbereitschaft —> lichtabhängige Kondensatoraufladung
- Neigung der Skulpturteile —> musikalische Konklusion am Ende
- Interpretation aus der Arbeitsweise —> Hintergrundstruktur
The result is a musical walk around the sculpture without paying attention to the environment in which the artist of course would want his sculpture being embedded.
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